Relax Collection

Relaxing will never go out of style.

Choosing a model with a reclining back, just like the feet, is having everything in one sofa – from the moment you sit down to rest in a lying position, passing through the beauty it imprints on the living room.

The Relax Collection shows us rigorous stitchings, due to the special format of the models, extreme care in the foam shapes and the chosen wood, as well as a lot of work and passion involved in their manufacture.



Young and bold, it is also versatile and adapts to any environment.

The Evoque sofa is a tribute to contemporary design, without losing the functionality of the relax mechanism.



Combine comfort, relax and rest with it’s perennial beauty.

Like a real gemstone, Rubi is a more classic and conservative sofa, but it doesn't lose its modern elegance.



Crystal is distinguished by its progressive and rounded shapes.

The colored detail on the edging gives it a unique irreverence and just the right measure.

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