Memory Collection

The name says it all: the most classic models in Estofal's history, some over 20 years old, in a single collection.

Timeless and striking, the Memory Collection presents sofas that are distinguished by their beauty and construction method – from the sumptuous choice of fabric to the meticulous use of sewing needles and the process of tying and fixing stitches.

Despite their long history, these sofas continue to fall in love and delight those who choose them.



As classic as the city that gives it its name, Atenas is a sofa full of art and tradition.

Despite its strong decorative component, it is highly comfortable and always remains timeless.



With a unique design, California is the right model for an open space room as it allows seating all around the sofa.

It's bold, but it doesn't lose its sobriety.



Very comfortable, it’s perfect for intensive use – or, in other words, for families with intense happiness.

Nobody would say that Gothenburg was created in the 90s, as its details and design transport it directly to a modern 21st century room.



For a small room, Niagara will be a two-in-one: a unique decor element and a favorite resting place.

Without a chaise longue and presented in velvet, it has the vintage charm and comfort characteristic of softer materials.

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